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As a private nurse, I am able to offer a multitude of focused, customized services.  Medication management , post operative assistance (wound care, bathing, house preparation, etc.), and the  coordination and simplification of multiple care providers and their regimes are just a small  sample of the options available to you.
 I also offer, and specialize in, promoting the independent older adult. I assist my clients to age in place while maintaining their safety, dignity, independence, and quality of life.  My zeal is the direct result of having had the privilege of caring for both my mother and mother-in-law in the home until their deaths.  This journey alerted me to the exhaustion, frustrations, and fears of both the parent and the adult child.  I remember the nagging concerns "What have I forgotten?,   What could I do better?,  What have I overlooked?".  I ached for another opinion.  This need is now addressed by my business. 

From installing the handle and step you see on this page, to recognizing abdominal pain that required surgical repair; I enjoy what I do and am very good at it. I proudly offer a free 45 minute presentation;  "Aging in Place or How not to fall" to the senior groups in our community.  

My background includes graduating from Boston University cum laude, 30 plus years nursing experience in a variety of specialties, primarily emergency, and receiving the Northern Nevada Nurse of the Year award. I am a licensed Registered Nurse in both Nevada and California. This can be easily verified by looking up Kimberly (MIK = backwards KIM) Lu Staeck in the Board of Nursing logs.

Testimonials follow.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information.  Mik RN

   I have had the pleasure to have known Mik Staeck, R.N. for two decades.  On numerous occasions she has demonstrated to me her extreme medical expertise and concern for the welfare of her patients.  Her ability to quickly recognize health issues and take proper preventative action comes from her sharp mind and her invaluable emergency room experience working with a myriad of medical problems.

   If you are tied to a job that does not give you the flexibility to keep tabs on your loved one, or if you live in another community, too far away to reliably know if your family member is doing well, Mik can help you!  Mik's track record, combined with her medical training and thirst for knowledge, makes her an invaluable asset to anyone who has an elderly or ill family member living by themselves.

   Mik willl assess the overall medical and emotional health (including the medications) of your family member, will complete a safety assessment of the home, be the liaison between you, your family member, and other medical professionals, and gain the trust of you and your loved one with her upbeat but firm demeanor.

    I give my wholehearted endorsement to Mik Staeck, R.N. as a dependable, skillful, concerned partner in your quest for the best health and comfort for an ailing family member.

Marilyn, Reno

   I have enjoyed knowing Ms. Staeck for over fifteen years.  She has , during this time, worked as a Registered Nurse, often in the Emergency Rooms.  I am delighted at her new endeavor.  She is highly intelligent, capable, and efficient.  In addition to this, and maybe the most important, she is so kind, caring, and patient.  She is always smiling, full of energy, and positive in every way.

   I'm approaching the age when I would likely be a candidate for her type of assistance someday.  I would consider myself extremely fortunate to have her to advocate for me and to take the responsibility for my care.  I know my family would ask for her help first and foremost.  They care for me and know that she does, as well. 

   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Jane (Mik has the phone number)

Mik Staeck is one of the best nurses I have ever worked with.  She has excellent medical knowledge and skills from her 30 years of experience in several different settings.  Mik also has a special talent for caring for the whole person,  She has a eye for detail and I would  trust Mik to help take care of my own mother any day.

Frank PA-C Reno

Nurse Mik,

I want to thank you for taking such wonderful care of my mother. 

Your outstanding care allowed my mother to come home instead of staying in the hospital. She healed much quicker in her own place.

I also want to thank you for the personal care you took in working closely with other medical professionals to finalize her medications, physical therapy, and care.


Promoting safety, independence, and quality of life.

As a colleague of Mik Staeck, I have observed her energetic passion for caring for the elderly.  While working in a facility that was lacking social services coordination Mik took it upon herself to ensure seniors were well taken care of and receiving the assistance they needed.  Mik would go well beyond her job description to ensure the best care for her patients.  She is a firm believer that communication is key between patients and their family.  She is creative and determined to find a  solution to every problem.  I recommend her services for every senior and their families to ensure their loved ones are being taken care of to the standards they deserve.

Jennifer, MPAS, PA-C